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Barcelona MWC ’17 – Day 2 update

Posted in News, Tagged with: MWC, February 28, 2017

As much as yesterday was about walking, today was mostly about talking and networking – in between the fast-paced b2b matchmaking sessions of EEN we took a look at what the midsize-multinationals and local telcos had to offer. Almost every site had a VR section with lots of bystanders and a single suit in a headset, wandering in a virtual landscape reflecting the actual corporate environment preservation policy. Besides VR, IT security was also a hit, secure phones, high security network devices, encrypted site2site infrastructures presented on dashboards that resemble the wildest sci-fi movie scenes – never seen this amount of fraudulent activity on a single graph before. The general concept of this business level is to attract the crowd with non-core business related flashes and let the sharks pick out the prospects.

After the congress, we had been invited to an exclusive event hosted by the Hungarian deputy-state secretary of ICT from the National Development Ministry, which gave us the opportunity to share experience with our peers from the ICT sector. At the end of the day, a day of talking seems no less tiring, than a day of walking.

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Barcelona MWC ’17 – Day 1 update

Posted in News, Tagged with: MWC, February 27, 2017

Day 1 summary at MWC ’17:

After setting up our booth in the Hungarian corner and listening to a series of interesting keynotes, we ventured into the fortune 500 arena to pick up on the trends of this years’ Mobile World Congress. The sheer amount of input was staggering, but after the first 5 minutes of neon-dizziness, we regained focus, started mapping out the giants’ vision of the future and met some noteworthy eye candies to share:

  • Motion Eye, the first phone integrated slow-motion camera was just awesome
  • Project-and-touch technologies from multiple vendors – these may not be as fancy as the VR – AR headsets, but they have a lot useful, interactive applications on social level – not to mention they are a lot more audience-friendly
  • IoT everywhere – From agriculture through connected cities to the real time connected stadium of the Bayern Munich football team, IoT is optimizing and revolutionizing whole industries
  • 5g – everyone is trying to steal the show with cars driven real time via high-speed, ultra-low latency 5g connections – and we have seen all the possible combinations of drivers, cars, remote and local racetracks

The utilization potential of these technologies are endless – and to integrate any of them with the value chain, one would only need an innovative, resourceful partner with the right skillset for custom development. As it happens, we might just have you covered on that… J



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