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Cross-Platform and Native mobile application development

At Grape Solutions we possess the know-how to solve the most specific needs of our clients. Our programming and project management methodologies are flexible, to ensure that each project is perfectly balanced to get the best results – however when it comes to technology, we commit ourselves to a specific toolset, to be able to provide you with the best specialist available on the field. In case of mobile application development, we are committed for Xamarin cross-platform solutions – let us introduce the options and present you with their strengths / weaknesses of each to prove our point:


Native applications are efficient and reflect the paradigm of the given mobile ecosystem flawlessly – if done right. Favoring one specific platform for your application, the decision to create the app for the two other major platforms later will have a predictably high cost for each, since only the business level knowledge will be reusable. Additionally the maintenance and application enhancement costs will triplicate, slowing down or downright preventing the innovative and adaptive process, which is a serious threat in the ever changing economy of the mobile application market.


By providing specific wrapper applications for the major platforms, Hybrid applications utilize HTML and Javascript to deliver a unified user experience across the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone ecosystems. The greatest drawback of Hybrid technology is being an emulation tool which is not comparable in performance or device specific look and feel to a native application. We can look at this option as a median between Native and Cross-Platfrom applications.


Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile app development environment,

xamarin-logo-300x126 that simplifies cross-platform coding by using Microsoft.NET/C# when developing for Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. Xamarin delivers fully native user interfaces and functionality – it is possible to share either the whole user interface, or parts along the entire application logic across all platforms. This enables us to provide cross-platform benefits to our clients without forfeiting native application advantages. These benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduced development and maintenance fees
  • Continuous integration and shared feature list across all platforms
  • Faster time to market and better ROI
  • Skill, tool and most importantly code reuse


Automatically test your iOS and Android apps immediately, on hundreds of physical devices, offering continuous integration, reports, test for fragmentation, and object-based UI testing. Xamarin TestCloud is an exquisite tool for application testing, offering test methodology which lowers the costs and speeds up the whole testing process. Pay as you go; the cloud will always deliver you the highest coverage for the best price available.