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Grape Chatbot application for revolutionizing Customer experience

Due to the fierce competitive market situation and more sophisticated customer needs, Enterprises and SMBs more and more focus on user/customer experience, namely fostering the increase of Customer loyalty and engagement towards products and services and decrease Customer churn by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and applications.

Digital transformation itself enforces the usage of advanced ICT technology-based solutions and puts attainable pressure on Customer engagement/relationship management approaches (eg. Interactive Voice Response-based call center solutions), that no longer entirely fulfill Customer expectations.

Should your Enterprise need personalized Customer relationship and wish to use best of breed solutions and underlying technologies on chat platform and social media app intergration, with the primary aim of decreasing Customer churn while increasing loyalty and engagement, Grape can offer you a fully customized Chatbot application.


Grape’s Chatbot solution – based on Microsoft Bot Framework public cloud (Azure) services – enables Enterprises to align with their Customers and prospects in a tailor-made manner, utilizing wide-spread technologies provided by biggest Social Media channels/applications (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype or Viber) and to manage the provision of their products and services in a far more effective way no matter if it is related to sales, services or marketing/PR,  or even to further build their own image and brand awareness/brand loyalty on the target market by relying on Chatbot concerning their PR-based market presence (eg. Social collaborative event, competition, gamification scenarios).


Based on our broad project experience, a Chatbot application’s primary benefit is to foster the pace and quality of interaction between Client and Enterprise, let it be a “simple” provision/collection of information or even conclusion of certain business transactions, doing so in a very unique and 21st century way. Due to the fact that Customer interactions and transactions are recorded in the system and can be made available as a historical transactional data, Chatbot applications pre-process historical data prior to Customer interaction and enrich the customer relationship via Artificial Intelligence with potential best offers/recommendations so that Customer can recognize personalized care and provision of goods and services.

Grape has been developing Chatbot applications since the introduction of the underlying technology and can present real-world examples of Chatbot app development stories, as follows:

  • Provident Financial Plc. – product offering FinTech chatbot solution
  • Viala Kft. – Foodpanda/NetPincér: E2E meal ordering business flow, aggregating supply from more than 3000 restaurants
  • Wizzair Hungary Kft. – Wizz Flightbook e2E flight ticket booking and reservation on chatbot
  • Telenor Zrt. – indicent management (ticket resolutions) functionality based on chatbot


Our Chatbot application is being developed and put into context in various industries; as a latest enhancement of usability scenario, Grape invented the so-called HealthBot application that fosters the effectiveness of patient – doctor interaction whilst visiting hospital/clinic/any other healthcare provider. We are proud to announce that the HealthBot application powered by Grape Plc was awarded the Invitech Innomax 2017 Business category prize due to its innovation potential and corporate social responsibility among more than 170 applicants.

Grape Chatbot Potential use cases, scenarios:

  • Internal collaboration /process support (IVR extension and/or replacement)
  • Incident Management/ticket processing/resolution purposes for helpdesk/IT dev. Entities (Support service)
  • Widening of sales channels (product/service promotions, campaigns)
  • Handling of Chatbanking/Fintech-based transactional services (debit/credit card admin transactions, deposit fixing, PIN code adjustment, etc.)


Key characteristics of the Chatbot application:

  • Seamless integration with wide-spread social media apps; 1 core, multiple social media channels
  • Usage of Artificial Intelligence powered by Microsoft LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service) and Machine Learning-based robust tech foundation
  • Chatbot application is hosted by Microsoft Azure public cloud services, as a result, significant TCO saving and efficiency enhancement are attainable compared to traditional on-premises environments

System is fully flexibly scalable (both horizontally and vertically), hence transactional peeks can be managed without any down-time

Industrial focus and coverage

  • Banks: chatbanking/financial assisment for PFM scenarios
  • Insurance companies: claims assesssment collaboration, conclusion of contract/pricing/offer, multi-role-based claims management process coverage
  • Telco companies: e-commerce/webshop/self-care platform extension and/or replacement
  • E-commerce: webshop assistant, order placement, status control
  • Transportation: order management, follow-up
  • Travel companies: ticket reservation, last minute offer with AI, customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Theatres, cinemas, event organizers: online reservations, seat management, recommendation management


Beyond online and continuous messaging-based  communication and  transaction, our Chatbot solution  is able to send newsfeed to subscribers in an automated way within a given timeframe  by using push notification functionality, eg. sending event suggestions or personalized ticket reservation or financial offers to given addressees.

Our chatbot solutions is also able to conduct free-format or controlled/directed conversations that needs customer interaction. Besides text content, it is supported to send pictures, buttons and other individual message elements. The default language environment is the Hungarian, its built-in natural language processing is capable of filtering non-desired expressions/words and is ready for those users who wish to test the boundaries of the chatbot application.

User interactions are being stored and can be searched and analysed afterwards. Based on result of the analysis, operational logic of the chatbot can be fine-tuned and stored data can be an excellent basis for using business intelligence and artificial intelligence-based recommendation engines.