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Time Entry System (TES)

In order to maximize corporate efficiency it is critical to possess a tool that enables the planing and tracing of resources and processes on a daily basis.

  • Administration and traceability of work units on a simple, user-friendly interface
  • Resource allocation with minimal effort of administration
  • Executive information system, supplying up-to-date data about each segments of the company
  • Integrated business intelligence allowing on-the-fly generated status, efficiency and billability reports

Solutions on the market

Widely adopted time and project tracking systems give a general solution to trace time and tasks and create reports on top of this data. These solutions:

  • Focus on a project based activities, with having less accent on measuring and fine-tuning the overall efficiency of corporate processes
  • Their published data source is either closed or license-protected, which allows restricted access, which do not support custom needs for unique reports and data entry
  • Integration to existing corporate systems is cumbersome, supported mostly by manual data transfer
  • Their licensing structure is inflexible, realizing additional maintenance costs or security risk for the customer
  • Limited customization – any additional needs arising could be only implemented with significant investment

The Time Entry System is a tailed-made time management system which offers a comprehensive solution for administration of the all corporate processes, and allows for efficiency analysis of these processes through custom reports.

Benefits of the Time Entry System:

  • Thanks to its modular approach it could be easily integrated with existing ERP systems
  • Due to its flexible design it is capable to accommodate project-based and resource-based administration at the same time
  • On top of its simple and normalized data structure any data entered to the system could be made available to other applications, either through direct database access or through web-services
  • With the help of up-to-date reports efficiency and return could be measured on all levels of corporate processes (corporate, customer, project, resource)
  • Based on historical comparison trends could be identified, potential crisis situations could be forecast
  • web-based user interface enables multi-platform usage from PC, tablet or a smartphone
  • Its multilingual user interface is simple, aesthetic, intuitive – providing an efficient everyday usage

Its licensing is open to full customization:

  • Available as Software as a Service (SAAS) either on a per user or per month basis in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Available as a boxed product with a one time fee or a monthly/yearly billing.
  • With tailor-made developments the solution could be fully customized, this way full cohesion could be achieved among the corporate structure, everyday processes and the IT infrastructure