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Enterprise Planning System

In our experience, the process and methodology behind planning is different for all our customers, so it is in fact a serious challenge to implement a generic planning tool, that fulfills all demands of various industry segments.

Grape Solutions supports the overall needs of enterprise planning processes with a highly adaptive and rapidly customizable core technology – starting from data integration up-to creating plan-fact analysis and reporting.

Our Enterprise Planning System enables an efficient and rapid solution for the complex and unique planning needs of our customers.

The foundation of the solution is a flexible planning core technology, which is customized after the analysis of unique demands both visually and functionally – this way we deliver every time a solution that fulfills all needs of our partners.

In addition to planning support our solution as well supports reporting and business intelligence. Our solution enables the definition of KPIs, dashboards along with supporting ad-hoc analysis, even on mobile devices.

The reporting solution ensures outstanding functionality on a user interface well-known and familiar to everyone with fully utilizing the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server and Excel.

Our solution is utilized in diverse industry segments supporting various planning processes, which demonstrates the flexibility of the technology.

We do not deliver these solutions bound a user-based licensing, this way our partners could use it for unlimited time without any limitations on the number of users.

Grape Solution’s Enterprise Planning System was chosen by:

  • Generali Insurance – to support the process of creation and validation of personal sales plans and aggregating them on various enterprise hierarchy levels
  • Imperial Tobacco – to create and analyse sales plans on diverse markets
  • Sanofi-Aventis – to support the process of sales planning and forecasting together with reporting of plan/fact data in three countries

You can download our informative leaflet with a brief summary of references by clicking on the following link:

Grape Solutions – Enterprise Planning System with references