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Microsoft’s Power BI Business Intelligence solution gets expected new features for October 2016 update.

The developers, working on Microsoft’s Power BI self-service Business Intelligence solution have done a great job again in the month of October. The newest update includes novelties on a large scale, that have been expected for a long time. Grape Solutions Plc’s field expert has compiled a bunch of new and innovative functions to present, about the recent update of  the Microsoft Business Intelligence solution.

We hope you will find pleasure in our guidance.

You can also view most of the developments in the form of a video:

The teams of Redmond have made new developments and additions to MS Power BI.


Let us see what those are!     Report view:

  1. There was a development made in the case of the line diagram’s date area. The denotation of the beginning and closing time got included in the visualization bar X-axis view:


  1. The next Power BI improvement is the previously well-known and frequently used slicer’s capability of affecting the date range. On figures 1-2. it is presented how it can be used as a slider, as well as the beginning and closing date can be selected from the drop-down menu. On figure 3., as a drop-down menu and on figure 4,it is presented how different range functions are available under between.


  1. The ones working mostly with Desktop BI version, will receive assistance by a service in preview status; the Show Grid and Adjust Objects To Grid options situated under the Viewmenu:


  1. Enhancement of data labeling There is an option now to label columns vertically, extending the previously horizontal-only labeling as well as providing ability to define the position of the label compared to the diagram.5

Analytics 1.       Grouping:  marking the two European countries (France and Germany), and pushing the right mouse button 6 Introuction of a new legend (groups) and respective label (quadrant, connected at the edges)


The members of the team are marked in green, while the outsiders are grey 8 After right clicking Country(groups) and removing the tick from „Include Other group”

9 Multicolor graphs  – group members are identical:


In the next step they are displayed together:


(Works well in a field of heavy MS Power BI use, like an HR report. For example, there can be candidates with different experience levels (junior, midlevel, senior), who need to be treated together occasionally.)

  1. TOP N szűrő It has been long expected, to align according to TOP condition and this has now been delivered. The two fields affecting the type of filtering was extended with a TOP (BOTTOM) N option. It is demonstrated through a graph of car makers and sales figures in our case. At the TOP N position we input the reuired number (10), and just like that, the drill-down is conducted.12

Data Connector   New connectors  – Dynamics 365 for Financials (Beta), Mixpanel (Beta) and among others OLE DB also released. 13 Other enhancements

Dyagnostics has also developed. On the following acces path, clicking „Copy session diagnostics to clipboard” we receive a substantial amount of information.


This is most of the functionality of the Power BI’s october update.