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Project methodology approach

A Grape Solutions Plc. strongly believes in agile methodologies that can foster and ensure the appropriate and accurate delivery of project and custom software developments in a controlled and quality-assured way. Henceforth, risk arisen during project lifecycle can be mitigated to an acceptable level.

Grape Solutions Plc. provides expertise and follows the rules of iterative waterfall and agile scrum methodologies, providing Customer with entire flexibility and consultancy to choose whichever is more appropriate.

Our agile Scrum approach

Should the circumstances/Customer needs change rapidly and in an unexpected way or number of iterations/implementation lots are too high, Grape Solutions Plc. offers the very effective and controlled way of delivery, the Scrum. Delivery is carried out in an iterative way, but splitted into so-called sprints whereas a new product version is being created at the end of each sprints.

A Scrum methodology’s key characteristics:

  • Due to iterative development cycles, the development process flexibly follows the changing environment
  • The Minimum Viable Product approach enables way faster time to market
  • Due to continuous feedback sessions and close cooperation, risk arisen from the misinterpretation of the project scope is minimal
  • Retrospective discussions that end sprints can help the teams fine-tune the underlying processes and ensures the continuous quality improvement
  • Scrum is less effective compared to waterfall if project scope is very precisely defined and project conditions do not change rapidly and hectically
  • Scrum requires continuous and seamless, dynamic cooperation among team members


During the scrum delivery, the following roles are being defined for the sake of strict control during the planning phase:


Role Ensured by Description
Product Owner Customer or Grape Solutions Plc Key decision maker who is responsible for the business functional requirement of the product. Holds regular relationship with key business stakeholders/users and prioritize development process via  backlog
Scrum Master Grape Solutions Plc Decision maker who is responsible for operating the Scrum team and the prioritization of each sprints/dev. tasks
Scrum Team Grape Solutions Plc Team consisting of developers and testers that actually carries out the development itself.

Our iterative waterfall approach

Grape Solutions Plc splits the project into project iterations and realizes iterations in the frame of exact same phases.

Project delivery is carried out based on the following phases:

Requirement analysis/specification, screen planning:

During this phase, Grape Plc. tightly cooperates with Customer team to reach mutually acceptable functional specification in a documented way, including the suggested software screens and related navigation (drill down/drill through). Because of this phase, a detailed and accurate functional specification is created along with related documentation concerning screens/navigation and test plan.

Technical planning and specification:

Grape Solutions Plc. creates a detailed technical specification that is necessary for the development phase; Customer may be involved regarding integration and/or infrastructural questions.


Grape Solutions Plc. development team creates the software based on mutually accepted specification. Development is splitted into a couple of sub-phases in every couple of months („implementation lots”), by the end of which a complete handover process along with functional demo is being conducted.

Handovers can be linked to user acceptance tests and/or project milestones.

Testing and bug fixing:

Developed implementation lot is being installed and tested in Customer’s environment prior to UAT.

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

As soon as Grape installs and test-drives the implemented lot, UAT procedure is being initiated. During this period, Grape Solutions Plc provides Customer with so-called „hyper care” support services so that identified errors/bugs and/or new functionality could be made available immediately and testing process could be continued seamlessly.


As per explicit request, Grape Solutions Plc. holds operational (devops) and user trainings re. the system right after the successful UAT.