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Invitech Innomax Awards

Invitech Innomax 2017 termékdíj

Invitech Innomax 2017 award

Held for the 7th time in a consecutive way, Innomax Invitech event and its Board decided to give the 1st rank to Grape Solutions Plc. in the “Business” category for tits application called HealthBot.

HealthBot application increases the effectiveness of gathering necessary data related to patient-doctor interaction and fosters its speed by conducting the registration of patient medical record (previous deseases, etc.) in an automated way by getting pre-defined questions answered without the interaction with human resource (doctor); doctor has to interact with patient only after the preliminary medical report has been established and diagnosis/treatment to be set up.

 Invitech Innomax 2015 termékdíjInvitech Innomax 2015 award

In 2015, Grape Solutions Plc. won the 2nd rank I the Invitech Innomax innovation contest with its MediVIR in the cloud solution, making MediVIR (healthcare-based BI system) available in the public cloud as well (Microsoft Azure).


innomax_dij_grape solutions

Innomax 2012 Award

Grape Solutions has won the exclusive II. place on Invitel Plc.’s annual Innomax Award for the SME category. Our awarded project was the Smart Card based integrated authentication and verification system.




Technical Awards

microsoft innovation award

Microsoft Innovation Award 2011

Grape Solutions has won the Microsoft Innovation Award in 2011 in the Web development category. This award was announced for the fourth time in December last year with the title “Innovation Award 2011” by Microsoft Hungary. Companies based in Hungary and Hungarian individuals could both apply. Until the deadline of 28th of February 2011, Microsoft received 14 applications which were rated by Microsoft professionals.