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Grape Solutions Plc. – winner of Invitech Innomax 2017 business award with HealthBot application

Posted in News, April 11, 2017

Innomax award ceremony has been held for 7th time in a consecutive way; primary objective of the award ceremony and the contest between applicants is to exploit innovation potential and foster digitalization. This year number of applications submitted reached all time high 160 pieces.

This year, applications accepted in three nomination categories: Business, Nonprofit and InnoApps; Grape Plc. ranked as the 1st in the Business category.

Applications fostering public/social responsibility-based needs were exceptionally treated; Mr. Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of National Development, Mr. Balázs Károly Solymár was among the members of applications appraisal board, stated the Hungarian Government handles the digital economic development with exceptional priority.

Grape’s solution, that Healthbot is an AI-based chatbot agent application aiming at supporting and fostering automation/standardization concerning the doctor – patient communication.

Objective of our IT solution is to manage and automatize the initial conversation between the doctor and the patient by putting forward diagnostic questions (that can consume even 80% of total time spent by patient at the hospital/other healthcare provider). Due to built-in Artificial Intelligence capabilities, a next potential question is being formulated by assessing answers to previous questions. As a result, getting preliminary data from patient are managed in a straightforward, intuitive and time-conscious manner.  As soon as diagnosis is about to be created by the Bot towards patient, Bot makes notification to the doctor and sends summary on data collected so far. Certainly, the diagnosis itself is being formulated solely by the doctor, not the HealthBot.

Advantage of using Healthbot is attainable by dramatically decreasing the time spent with making preliminary patient data records and by streamlining the data collection process in a 21st century way, utilizing AI capabilities.

Many thanks for this distinguishing acknowledgement of our efforts!

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Insurers facing new challenges – Grape’s participation on Portfolio.hu Insurance 2017 Conference

Posted in News, April 10, 2017

The new and young generations are waiting for new solutions and new products from the Insurers. Along with these new needs, new suppliers appear, who serve the clients with new and innovative solutions and products.

The issue of the Insurtech and Digitalization was analyzed from many different perspectives by the presenters in Portfolio’s Conference of Insurance 2017.

Can the appearance of the new emerging Insurtech suppliers and insurance services mean the disappearance of the conventional insurance services?

Gábor Tamás Veitz, – Head of Insurance Solutions branch within Grape Solutions Plc.,  pointed out in his presentation that this does not necessarily have to happen. However, for this – he added-, the conventional insurance companies will have to be prepared to be able to adapt new solutions to their own business model. Only those Insurers can stay in competition who are able to adapt new technologies, and develop their sales, portfolio management and services core systems constantly.

The most remarkable problem of the conventional insurers is that their business systems are too fragmented and this is why they can only implement adequate Insuretech solutions slowly and with high TCO. The AdInsure insurance policy adminstration system can offer a solution for them.

An insurer can only compete with new market players and serve the needs of the new generations (Y, Z and alpha generations), if they integrate their policy administration systems. This unified system provides possibility for a centralized partner master data management, henceforth makes cross-sell and upsell opportunities more effective than before.

In today’s digital world we leave an enormous digital footprint by our social media activity (searches, likes and chosen news, etc.). By analyzing this data we can get more information about a client than one can think. In order that insurers can benefit from this opportunity they have to be able to collect and link all these to their client data in a cost effective manner.

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Distinguishing honor being referred to by Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Posted in News, April 3, 2017

It was our sincere honor that one of our recent project on front-end-related digital disruption was mentioned by Mr. CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Satya Nadella.

He referred to the project as a true enabler of digital transformation and a great achievement in transforming the way companies interact with their Customers, making them possible to make personal-adjusted, recommendation based offers run on underlying Microsoft technology stack (MS Azure).

Many thanks for such distinguishing communication.



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