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Attending the exclusive event on the 28th Feb. hosted by the Barcelona Consulate General

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It was our privilege and honor to participate on the evening event hosted by the General Consul where also Mr. Deputy State Secretary for ICT sector and the CEO of Antenna Hungária Zrt. contributed with their forward looking keynotes.

Thank you so much for being invited for this stunning opportunity to meet up with key representatives of ICT companies and other prestigious large enterprises, it was really overwhelming to have a decent chat amidst fine drinks and delicious tapas.


Grape Plc. MWC ’17 Team


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Barcelona MWC ’17 – Day 3 update

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This is the third day of the conference – you can see it on the faces, everyone is a bit tired and the enthusiasm of the presenters is worn, but at least there is time to look around the fare and see the smaller companies. Besides them are the non-core mobile business corporations, like Mercedes, who reinvent the word Mobile in MWC, and take mobile to the mobility level. Their presentation of connected cars and self driving buses / trucks is of course amazing, and they put up a real interactive show about the future of personal and public transport. Wandering on we bump into Asian companies we’ve never even heard of – everyone is producing unibody, dual-cam, dual-sim handsets, and to our biggest surprise they don’t look or feel more cheap than a new generation, mid-class HTC phone, and their specs are way beyond. Price tags – of course – are absent, but some sales rep offers us white label devices if we buy them by the thousand. Rugged and dumb-smartphones also attract some spectators, but the true hipster device is the fully custom phones that you can mold to your own style directly from Japan. We’ve also seen a lot of wearable products, that are not meant for the European market – like the danc-o-meter, that gives you the beat based on the music you listen to, and measures you mojo-score on the beat matched steps you make.

Later in the day Ákos Kara, the Secretary of State for Info-communication and Consumer Protection payed us a visit to take a look at the Hungarian stage and share some thoughts on the conference – it was good to see that our decision makers have the time to reach out, and are up-to-date on the market.


MWC Day 3

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