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Posted in News, September 30, 2013

The whole Runway field

The whole Runway field

Here at Grape, we also respect sport – we were happy to receive invitation and participate in the I. Runway Run half maraton relay.

For the time of event, the organizers closed down the 3km long and 45m wide concrete stripe of Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 1. At that time budget planes were redirected to Terminal 2. 252 runners participated from 63 teams, with each team having 4 members. The sum of the donations is estimated to have reached HUF 2 million which will be distributed for charity purposes, namely to extend sport possibilities for students in need at the Athletics Center on Margaret Island – said Mihály Hardy, Head of Communications at Budapest Airport.

The race created a fantastic atmosphere, Grape team achieved the 14th place out of the participating 64 teams. The winners: 1. Airport Directorate of the Tax and Customs Authority, 2. Nike Trainers, 3. Emergency Blood Transport.

To highlight the success of the event, Nike, Wizz Air and Budapest Airport are already planning for next year to create a tradition – said Head of Communications.

Thanks again for the invitation! If it’s up to us, we plan to participate next year as well.

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