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CIC Wildlife – cloud based membership system

Posted in News, June 25, 2013

At the end of 2012 the increased customer data of CIC-International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation was not sufficiently perspicuous.

After the diverse extension and development phases, administration of this data became cumbersome – daily administration taking away too much valuable time.

The principal problem of the CIC-International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation was the bottleneck of using an Access based system for member administration – managing membership and financial data for thousands of members.

Besides tidying up the administration, there was a new requirement to import partner data into the database, shifting to a more CRM like operation.

The data consolidation executed alongside the migration enabled a cloud-based solution extended with geo-spatial replication – the database is mirrored to two European Microsoft datacenters (Ireland and Netherlands).

Operational risks were reduced to a minimum and secure worldwide system access was achieved without extending the existing infrastructure with VPN or any other solution requiring IT administration.

Grape Solutions implemented a responsive AJAX based user interface based on latest web trends, this way user experience remained consistent with the previous desktop access.

The system also incorporates extensive reporting functionality and any data could be retrieved and analyzed from Excel as well.

The system was delivered on 13th June 2013.

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