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New website

Posted in News, February 7, 2014

We are delighted to welcome you on our new website! Our pages did not only change in their appearance, we will do our best to provide up-to-date information in order to provide the full picture about our company, products and services.
In the future we will provide fresh news, which could be followed here. Kindly visit us regularly to be notified about the development of our company and actualities.
Please write to us in case you have any questions or remarks:

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We have moved!

Posted in News, January 1, 2014

We kindly inform our partners that Grape Solutions has moved to a new office from Alkotás street to Óbuda. From 1st of January our office can be found on the following address: 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 58. I. floor.

The entrance of the office and our underground garage can be reached from direction of the Kecske köz.

To find the entrance of our office on the map please click HERE!

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Grape Enterprise Planning system chosen by Imperial Tobacco

Posted in News, October 28, 2013

Imperical Tobacco have chosen a solution based on Grape Enterprise Planning system for its planning purposes.

The realized web-based system enables the colleagues to plan the stock, logistics and sales measures of their processes and compare them continuously with incoming fact data. The user-interface provides time and product-family/product/product-version dimensions to carry out transparent planning for the Hungarian and Jordan markets. Data could be exported/imported and new plans could be created re-using data already existing in the system. Data stored in the system could further analyzed with the pivot functions of Excel on-line.

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Staying fit

Posted in News, September 30, 2013

The whole Runway field

The whole Runway field

Here at Grape, we also respect sport – we were happy to receive invitation and participate in the I. Runway Run half maraton relay.

For the time of event, the organizers closed down the 3km long and 45m wide concrete stripe of Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 1. At that time budget planes were redirected to Terminal 2. 252 runners participated from 63 teams, with each team having 4 members. The sum of the donations is estimated to have reached HUF 2 million which will be distributed for charity purposes, namely to extend sport possibilities for students in need at the Athletics Center on Margaret Island – said Mihály Hardy, Head of Communications at Budapest Airport.

The race created a fantastic atmosphere, Grape team achieved the 14th place out of the participating 64 teams. The winners: 1. Airport Directorate of the Tax and Customs Authority, 2. Nike Trainers, 3. Emergency Blood Transport.

To highlight the success of the event, Nike, Wizz Air and Budapest Airport are already planning for next year to create a tradition – said Head of Communications.

Thanks again for the invitation! If it’s up to us, we plan to participate next year as well.

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European Institute of Innovation and Technology upgraded intranet to SharePoint 2013

Posted in News, July 22, 2013

Our customer was looking for a fair priced solution to merge multiple SharePoint 2010 installations into one 2013 installation based on unique requirements. We based the granular content migration on one of our core technologies we already utilized by our customers, which can realize any potential content migration path between SharePoint installations of versions 2007, 2010 and 2013. Main characteristics of the tool are the following:

  • Full-scale, granular migration of lists: schema, data, content types, views, folders, versions, meta-data es permissions
  • Automatic normalization of list and field names along with all dependencies
  • Migration between arbitrary source and destination language versions
  • Conversion of user accounts from multiple domains, replacement of deleted/disabled accounts as per configuration
  • Automatic, binary level conversion of Word and Excel documents of earlier versions to the newest/desired Office version format
  • Migration of hyperlinks found in Word/Excel documents and any textual fields based on configuration
  • Support for extraordinary list sizes (>100GB)

With customizing our core technology to meet the customer demands, we implemented a successful migration.

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CIC Wildlife – cloud based membership system

Posted in News, June 25, 2013

At the end of 2012 the increased customer data of CIC-International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation was not sufficiently perspicuous.

After the diverse extension and development phases, administration of this data became cumbersome – daily administration taking away too much valuable time.

The principal problem of the CIC-International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation was the bottleneck of using an Access based system for member administration – managing membership and financial data for thousands of members.

Besides tidying up the administration, there was a new requirement to import partner data into the database, shifting to a more CRM like operation.

The data consolidation executed alongside the migration enabled a cloud-based solution extended with geo-spatial replication – the database is mirrored to two European Microsoft datacenters (Ireland and Netherlands).

Operational risks were reduced to a minimum and secure worldwide system access was achieved without extending the existing infrastructure with VPN or any other solution requiring IT administration.

Grape Solutions implemented a responsive AJAX based user interface based on latest web trends, this way user experience remained consistent with the previous desktop access.

The system also incorporates extensive reporting functionality and any data could be retrieved and analyzed from Excel as well.

The system was delivered on 13th June 2013.

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SharePoint based project management solutions at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Posted in News, May 27, 2013

Grape Solutions previously created multiple solutions upon EIT’s widely used SharePoint infrastructure, e.g. a filing system (Filing Register) along with a tender lifecycle tracking tool (Grant Assessment) scaled for enterprise-level usage.

However a new need surfaced regarding the full-scale electronic automation of funding processes for KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Community), institutions of diverse research areas. Grape created a functional extension of the SharePoint platform, which – providing a similar user experience to working with Microsoft Project files – implemented a specific functionality tailored to the unique needs.

Regarding the complexity of the task, not only an integration was needed with an existing resource-intensive SharePoint installation, but proper design was required to handle the high data load against the – traditionally relational – database layer. The solution was prepared for further integration with other systems and designed to be later a basis to a Data Mart reporting tool.

KIC end-users have been assisting to the functional design of the system from the very start, their advises helped the creation of a durable solution that provides a stress-free administration of yearly plans even at the rush before the deadlines.

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Introducing our Enterprise Planning System

Posted in News, April 18, 2013

Grape Solution’s Enterprise Planning System offers all advantages of both out-of-the-box and tailor-made solutions.

Similar to boxed solutions, our component based planning system consists mostly of customizable, but pre-existing building parts, serving as a solid foundation for any implementation.

The basis of our solution is our unique planning component, which is able to adapt any planning algorithm.

In every case we implement a planning system that supports the full scale of enterprise processes on top of the component layer, with keeping the familiar interfaces and processes intact.

This way a flexible and customizable solution is delivered, avoiding the significant costs of either customization of an out-of-the box solution or development of a tailor-made system from scratch.

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Grape Solutions is once again a multiple Microsoft Gold Partner in 2013

Posted in News, January 30, 2013

Microsoft Gold Partner

Grape Solutions renewed its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner certification in all competencies regarding application development: Gold Application Development, Gold Business Intelligence and Gold Collaboration and Content. Our solutions is not only used by Hungarian enterprises, but also by renowned international multinational organizations.

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Innomax award 2012

Posted in News, April 12, 2012

Grape Solutions achieved the distinguished 2nd place at Invitel’s InnoMax Innovation Awards in the category for ‘Enterprises employing 20-69 people’.

Invitel created the InnoMax award to support the innovative initiatives of small and medium enterprises and highlight the efforts and developments of these companies. The competition was launched for the third time after the previous year.


For further information, please visit the following link:

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